Accessibility Survey

To gather information from students, families, and staff who either have or support individuals with disabilities and/or differences, we have created an Accessibility Survey. As our next course of action, the committee is actively seeking feedback that will help us better understand the needs of individuals who may be affected by disabilities and/or differences that hinder their full and equitable participation in school/work environments and opportunities.

We want to know the specific barriers people with disabilities face when they are trying to:

  • Access a school district program, building or information
  • Receive a service or support

Use this survey to describe experiences and make recommendations on how barriers can be removed or improved upon.

Please complete the survey by 4 p.m. on November 23rd, 2023. 

All responses are anonymous.


What group do you identify with? (please check all that apply)

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What school/worksite applies to you? (please check all that apply)

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What conditions/disabilities result from experiencing barriers at your school/worksite?

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